Phone Battles: Infinix Hot S vs Infinix S2 Pro

June 2, 2017
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The Infinix Hot S and the Infinix S2 Pro can be tagged to be siblings out of the same family. Infinix, the Hong Kong based mobile manufacturer launched the Hot S in 2016. Just about a year later, they released a peculiar update of the Infinix Hot S and called it the Infinix S2 pro.

The Hot S appraises itself to be a smartphone with a powerful and efficient battery while the S2 pro brings a newer perspective of selfie taking to the delight of its users -- the “Wefie”.

I will be pitting these two siblings against each in one court, testing their performance, peculiarity in design and extra features.

I hope that by the end of the article, you will be able to make a definite choice as to which of these smartphones fits your consumer cravings and desires.


Both devices are elegant in design, to say the least. Gone are the days my mum would refer to her phone as “pe mi pada owo ro mi”, which roughly translates to “call me back, my hand aches” in English. This was because of the big weight of phones at that time. Holding them up for too long could probably send you out for a massage.

The Infinix Hot S comes in a gold casing, measures 5.2 inches in length and doesn’t feel heavy.

The rounded edges of the Infinix Hot S also provide a firm grip

infinix Hot S with rounded edges

The Infinix S2 pro, on the other hand, appears more lightweight with its arc glass being fused into the metallic casing

Infinix S2 pro rounded edges

We took the two devices on a measuring scale and got interesting results. The Infinix S2 pro weighs about 165 g while the Infinix Hot S weighs a surprising 145g.

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This came as quite a surprise because I always thought the S2 pro was the lighter one; perhaps the design is just too sleek for me to notice the extra weight.

However, you’d be happy to know that both phones will not create a bulge in your pocket.

The Infinix S2 Pro appears to comfortably slip into any type of pocket

Infinix S2 pro in a pocket

While the Hot S may still have some left over peeping out

infinix Hot S in a pocket

Winner: The Infinix Hot S takes the lead in this round. Everyone loves a lightweight phone.

Storage capacity

Infinix S2 Plus Unboxing 12

The amount of space available is a huge factor to be considered when purchasing your new device. Depending on the type of consumer you are, you may not mind 16GB without expandable memory while others may need 32GB with expandable memory.

The Infinix S2 Pro comes with 32GB storage space and a memory card slot that can be expanded to about 128 GB -- that's actually huge. The Infinix Hot S comes with 16GB memory space and an expandable memory card slot for up to 128GB, though many have argued that it can take just about 32 GB.

Winner: The Infinix S2 Pro knocks the Hot S out of the ring on this one.


Phones were developed to foster efficient communication between two or more individuals that are not in the same geographical location. Standing on these, we did an evaluation of the available slots for the two devices.

The Infinix S2 Pro is equipped with one micro SIM slot and a standard hybrid slot

Infinix S2 pro SIM tray
Sim tray of the Infinix S2

This means you can make use of  either two micro SIMs, one micro and a standard uncut SIM or one micro SIM and a memory card at the same time.

The Infinix Hot S, on the other hand, comes with one micro SIM space and a micro hybrid slot

Sim tray of the infinix Hot S

So, on the Infinix Hot S you are left with space for either two micro SIMs at the same time or one micro SIM card and one memory card.

Winner: Based on similarities in the varieties of SIMs the devices can take in at once, it’s tempting to call this a tie. However, I believe this goes to the Infinix S2 pro, considering its ability to take a wider range of SIMs at the same time.


The Infinix Hot S and the Infinix S2 Pro come with the same camera specs of 13MP rear camera and a 8MP front camera. In addition however, the Infinix S2 Pro comes with an extra feature. Instead of one 8MP front camera, it comes with two 8MP front cameras. The other front camera (tagged the Wefie) gives a wider angle to pictures. Both device cameras have flash at the rear to support the camera awesomeness.

Below are a few camera samples

Under natural light

normla light Hots S2 pro
L-R: Hot S; S2 Pro


Sunlight pictures
L-R: Hot S; S2 Pro


Hot S vs S2 Pro
L-R: Hot S; S2 Pro

Long range, outdoors

Hot S S2 Pro
L-R: Hot S; S2 Pro

The S2 Pro Wefie

IMG 20170513 101917

Winner: Both phones produce similar picture quality, but we still need a winner. I'll give it to the S2 Pro simply because of the newly added unique feature of the wefie camera, with abilities of capturing wide angled pictures while using the front camera.

Battery life

android battery life

Both phones come with non-removable li-ion batteries. Both have a capacity of 3000 mAh.

When allowed to charge from 0% to 100 %, the Infinix Hot S reached a full charge in about 3 hours 23 minutes while the Infinix S2 Pro reached a full charge in about 2 hours, thanks to its fast charge capabilities.

However, when put on maximum usage, (brightness at the highest, connected to WiFi, non-stop usage with a lot of apps running and music playing) the battery of the S2 pro went from 100 to zero in about 5 hours 30 mins while the battery of the Infinix Hot S went down in 6 hours 30 minutes.

Winner: The Infinix Hot S easily takes this round.

Pricing and availability
naira money

It'll not be appropriate to stand on just the specifications of the phones you'll buy as a consumer, the money in the bag is also an important factor to consider.

The Infinix Hot S is available on Jumia and Konga at the moment for ₦52,000. The Infinix S2 pro however is only available on Jumia and it retails for about ₦67,000.

Winner: Affordability is an important factor to consider in the purchasing mobile phones. I’ll have to give it to the Infinix Hot S


The Infinix S2 Pro is an elegant smartphone with comfortable features such as the dual front camera that effortlessly takes photos with wider angles.

The Infinix Hot is a chic and peculiarly designed smartphone, with efficient battery life, a strong 13 MP rear camera and awesome display.

Looking at these, it is obvious both devices were definitely manufactured to stand for the needs of the user. Putting them at loggerheads is not necessarily intended to crown the 'better' device, but simply to help you to be confident in whichever you settle for.

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