How to send and receive money with BuxMe

by | Jul 20, 2016

Since BuxMe was introduced, people have not gotten enough of this incredible means of sending and receiving money. The application in itself is not any flashy affair as I — and a host of other users — have come to discover.

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But it sure does deliver and the ₦50 service charge for transactions is the most exciting aspect of this already fascinating service.


Even though it is somewhat simple to use, everybody still needs pointers in unfamiliar territory. For the sake of showing the practical workings of the BuxMe app, I am going to do a transfer that will mirror the process from the sender and receiver’s perspective.

Sending money to non-BuxMe users

As mentioned in the introductory article, money can be sent even to users who are not in the application.

I am going to start by sending money to a user that isn’t on the BuxMe network. Start by clicking on the “Send Money” icon in the menu section.


After clicking the pull-down menu, a list of your friends on the platform will appear, and since I am sending money to a receiver not on the platform, in the space to enter name, account number, phone number  or email, type the phone number of whoever you wish to send money to.

When the name is entered, a drop-down menu appears for you to input details of the transfer intended like amount, comment and importantly a 6-digit transaction code that will be used by the recipient to claim the money on the claims site.


You should remember the 6-digit pin and even take a note of it to be communicated to the recipient as without it they cannot get the money from the claims site.

When the transfer is completed, a confirmation message will be displayed on your screen and the amount instantly debited from your bank account.

After sending the money, you will receive an email notification confirming transaction was successful.

Receiving money (for non-BuxMe users)

Meanwhile, as the recipient, you will receive a link on your smartphone in an SMS format. The link redirects to the BuxMe by WEMA claims site where you can get the money directly into your specified bank account without even having the BuxMe app on your phone.

The link takes you to a claims page where details like bank name, account number and transaction code are required to complete the process.

The reCAPTCHA verification that shows you are human gave me trouble for a while. Could have been an internet problem or the BuxMe server was down at the time.


After filling in the necessary details, your account is immediately credited to the tune of the amount sent without any deductions as the ₦50 service charge is only deducted from the account of the sender.

The confirmation page advises the unregistered user to download the BuxMe app and skip the hassles of going through a claims page and trust me, it is worth it.


BuxMe should not be mistaken for a mobile wallet that you fund and spend out of because it is not. It is just an effective means of facilitating money transfers from any bank’s account linked to the application to any phone number, email address or bank account.

And with mobile transfer charges for bank apps ranging from ₦100 to even ₦150 sometimes, BuxMe’s ₦50 transfer charge is gold. You can download the app here.

Victor Ekwealor
Victor Ekwealor

tech. media. startups. africa. vc | Twitter: @victor_ekwealor

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