DomainKing.NG aims to bring Nigerian SMEs online with Affordable Domain Names & Website Solutions

December 28, 2015
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Internet is growing rapidly and more & more people coming online everyday. Even in Nigeria alone Over 65 million users surf the internet to find something online every month. This represents a massive business opportunity that must be explored. And to not invest in a website today is not an option, atleast for most businesses. But it can be pretty challenging if don't have the right solution.

Leading Domain Names Registrar & Web Hosting company DomainKing.NG, is taking on the initiative to help Nigerian entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their online presence by offering them affordable solutions to build their websites. With DomainKing.NG you can get your website online for as low as N93/month.

You can be a small business owner, or a medium sized business, or a giant corporation, or a local web designer, or a blogger, or a Young Mind with an idea for an online business, or just a common guy/girl looking to get your website online. DomainKing provides all the solutions that you would need to build your website. All you have to do is register your domain name, and then host your website with DomainKing and you ready to get online.


Get the Perfect Name for Your Business

To start your website, you need a domain name & web hosting. Domain name is the entry point for getting online. It is the name of your website and your identity online. For example,,, and so on., "yourcompany" is the name of your business and ".com" is the domain extension. You can choose from so many domain extensions like .com, .net, .ng,, .org etc. depending on your business.

"Domain name is the first step to your Online presence. Whether you want to create emails for your business, or want to build your website, it all starts with a domain name." said DomainKing.NG's CEO Karan Singh.

"When you register your domain with us we offer over N10,000 worth free services with every domain name including 2 free Custom emails, Free DNS for blogger integration, Free ID protection to protect your whois from spammers, free domain forwarding, free email forwarding for the 2 free emails and lots more to help your business grow." explains Singh.

Reliable Web Hosting to host your Website

After registering your domain name, you then need a server space to display your website online. And that space is called web hosting. Imagine it like the land that is required when you want to construct a building. All your website's data & design (that is how it looks) will be stored on the servers of your hosting provider and will be available to anyone whenever they open your website.

With DomainKing.NG you can get web hosting for your website including Free Domain, 99.9% Website Uptime Guarantee, Unlimited email addresses & more for just N93/month.

Get Your Business email

Even for people looking to create business emails on their custom domain like,, it is very easy to do that. You just have to buy your domain name from DomainKing.NG and you can use the 2 Free emails that they offer with every domain. Or you can buy DomainKing's Business Email Hosting if you need more than 2 emails.

So gone are the days when you had to write HTML code, configure your emails & servers settings to create your website. It is now so easy that anyone can do it on their own. "All our branding in Nigeria is aimed at educating the customers on how easy it is to create their online presence with just domain name & web hosting, and empowering them on how showcasing their businesses online can help them capitalize the vast potential of the internet" explained Singh.

"You don't have to be a technology genius to start your website, nor do you need a hefty budget. DomainKing offers solutions that are simple to understand & use for Normal people & are aimed at enabling businesses & individuals help in their digital presence." added Singh.

With popular "Do-it-yourself" softwares like WordPress & Blogger it is now very easy to create your own website in few minutes. But still for many businesses and individuals setting up a website is something that is complex, requires a lot of money & considered something that can only be handled by professionals. So it is important to educate users of this idea.

At almost 40 million & contributing to about 48% on Nigeria's GDP, MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium enterprises) are the powerhouse of the country's economy. If implemented properly, a right online presence has the potential to create future growth opportunities for these businesses by expanding their reach to both local & global potential customers.

And DomainKing.NG can help your business expand your reach with affordable and easy online presence. To find out how DomainKing can help your business visit DomainKing.NG.

About DomainKing
DomainKing.NG is a leading global domain registrar accredited with NIRA, ZACR, NIXI, dotPH and various other domain registries. Launched in Nigeria in 2014 to offer world class services in domain names and web hosting industry at very affordable prices. DomainKing is focused on delivering superior services to delight its customers.


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