Safermom keeps new moms safe

by | Jun 11, 2015

Our moms have always kept us safe through will, grit and love. Safermom proposes to keep new moms safe and from heartaches through sms technology.

Safermom is a web service using sms technology to send timely automatic reminders for pregnant and nursing mothers, offering content such as pregnancy follow up, child health care tips, nutrition guides, sexual and reproductive rights, family planning tips, clinic reminders as well as immunization reminders on your phone.

Unlike other services which ask for a fee to receive medical information for content you can find on credible medical websites, Safermom sends relevant and much more targeted content to the receiver especially as the receiver has to sign up to use the platform. The messages her customized to address the medical condition of the pregnant or nursing mothers by care providers, hospitals, clinics, health insurance companies, Diagnostic centers, NGOs and other health entrepreneurs.

It appears that Safermom’s primary role is to link mothers with organizations that address their particular needs. They provide improved communication channels for these organizations to sign up and easily communicate with the audience they serve based on monthly subscription fees.


According to their pitch, Safermom’s goal is to help mothers through pregnancy and baby’s early years through timely, dedicated and targeted vital information which are currently available in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

“We hope to translate it to more Nigerian languages as we expand in the future since our services can be deployed in any languages of the world and to any mobile phones/lines at any location in the world even mothers without access to internet. Our Voice call platform which is at beta version solves the challenge of effective communicating with those who are illiterate, especially women in the least developed countries who have access to mobile phone – half of whom are illiterate”.

Lanre, Safermom’s team lead made us aware that Nigeria presently contributes to about 13% of worldwide maternal and child deaths due to preventable diseases; mostly as a result of negligence, illiteracy and failure of mothers to attend clinics for ante natal care. Most mothers also fail to present their babies for immunization schedules which have also contributed immensely to about 260,000 babies under the age of 5 years lost yearly. This and a few bitter experiences led his team to develop Safermom.

Safermom is presently signing up and working with Hospitals, diagnostic centers, NGOs, Care providers, Government agencies, health insurance companies e.t.c to easily use their platform to reach out to their audience. They claim to have 2,500 subscribed mothers on their platform and aspire to work with several organizations to sign up 30,000 pregnant mothers with children under the age of five years before the end of the year.

I visited their website and it’s opened to not just mothers, but everyone (concerned spouses, friends and relatives) that would like to receive automated medical reminders on the health of the beloved nursing mother. The service appears to be free, however organizations that seek to leverage their medical campaigns on their networks of subscribers, will pay a fee as earlier stated.

Yemi Johnson
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