Steadily and steadily, Supermart is steadily taking over the grocery industry. The grocery delivery company has just announced a new service that  allows customers to pay a fixed fee once  for an unlimited number of grocery deliveries valid for 30 days with no minimum basket size.


The new service is called SuperMart Prime and when a customer selects the Supermart Prime delivery option at checkout, the customer is asked to pay N1,500 instead of the usual N800 getting instant access to 'free' deliveries for 30 days. Free, in that on subsequent visits over the next 30days, the customer will not be charged at all for deliveries irrespective of the basket size.

With Supermart, we set out to make grocery shopping convenient for busy urban professionals and home-makers. With the new Supermart Prime delivery option, frequent customers can now shop away even more conveniently by paying only N1,500 once for unlimited deliveries for 30 days. - Raphael Afaedor, Co-Founder of